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INFOSYSTEMS sums up participation in Drupa 2016 trade fair.

A high interest among the visitors for PrintManager, iPackManager and Puzzleflow solutions, high turnout on company’s stand as well as new and promising contacts with clients from all over the world are just few of the aspects of Infosystems’ participation in Drupa 2016 Trade Fair. During the largest international event for the printing industry, the company presented – along with other world’s leading software manufacturers – its latest technological solutions: IT systems for packaging, general, job-press and large-format type print houses and solutions for publishers and internet and newspaper print houses. Infosystems’ presence at the Drupa Trade Fair proved to be another great success.

High visitor turnout and new contacts

The highest interest among the visitors to Infosystems’ Drupa stand was generated by MIS class solutions (management systems) such as PrintManager (well-known and regarded by its users), the latest addition to the company’s portfolio – iPackManager, designed for packaging and label manufacturers and PuzzleFlow solutions. As stated by the company’s CEO Mariusz Sosnowski: “We are very pleased with such a high turnout at our trade fair stand. Due to our presence in Dusseldorf, we have made contact with over 100 companies – print houses, packaging manufacturers and publishers that are interested in implementing our IT systems. We are glad that the clients have noticed our solutions’ great potential. Due to the international expansion of our product portfolio, we have made further arrangements with distributors on the foreign markets. We are also pleased that our solutions have gained their recognition. Our guests have emphasized that these solutions are a state-of-the-art, versatile and universal management platforms for printing and packaging production - features which are sought after by the customers that strive for their business’ constant growth and competiveness.”

Infosystems „Top of the top” – MIS class solution

The first of the systems presented at Drupa 2016 Trade Fair was the iPackManager – highly specialized solution for packaging and label manufacturers that meets the production industry’s dynamic requirements, which was further proved by the event held in Dusseldorf. Visitors at Infosystems stand pointed out the solutions’ benefits that allow to manage company’s operational activity as well as long-term development. It is made possible by standardization and business processes automation as well as precise control of the production costs.

Visitors also showed a great interest in PrintManager solution – an integrated and high-tech IT system for job-press and general type print house management on every step of the process – starting with establishing contact with the client, order completion all the way to product storage and logistics. Company’s solutions based on Puzzleflow technology that were designed for the internet print houses also caught the attention of Drupa visitors. Mosaic or Motif (web-to-print class solutions) not only coordinate the prepress and graphic department work but also allow the automation, which in practice shortens the production cycle. These IT systems support print houses in every operating aspect: acquiring clients, production planning, content verification, conversion and delivery, preprint acceptance, soft-proofing and the communication process unification.

Infosystem also presented PuzzleFlow Publisher – a solution for the publishers. This system coordinates the editorial staff work such as production and content planning, content delivery, advertisement, preprint acceptance, soft-proofing, unifying team communication and creating e-issues. Publisher solution shortens the required time between planning and production. It unifies all the aspects of the process, allows communication and file distribution and eliminates the source of errors.

Research and development know-how sharing

Skill and know-how sharing between INFOSYSTEMS and technological partners was a crucial aspect of company’s presence at Drupa Trade Fair. Infosystems cooperates with a variety of companies and institutions and thus acquires know-how concerning latest technologies and also shares its own – developed in the R&D Center in Cracow, Poland. “Drupa Trade Fair was an ideal chance to present our experience in conducting research and development on new products and solutions to a greater audience visiting our stand. We had an opportunity to meet our Partners form USA, Japan, Germany and Israel. These were very valuable aspects of our presence in Dusseldorf “ – states Mariusz Sosnowski.

Infosystems product portfolio – a direct response to market demands

All the solutions presented by Infosystems at Drupa Trade Fair 2016 were developed as a direct response to the market demands, which was confirmed by the current trends present at the event. “ In our opinion, the worldwide interest in IT solutions that allow fast data collection, processing and storage and using them to manage production steadily grows. With the increased amount of collected data and processing technologies development, the requirements for IT systems are also increased, along with the features these solutions can offer. We are glad that our solutions in Dusseldorf received such high recognition, which as we hope , will influence our international sales, which is a key part of our development strategy for future years “ – states Mariusz Sosnowski.