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Solution choice and modularity

Our systems are built so that adding new components and modules is possible without the necessity of suspending work and time consuming data migration. Even if today you do not need the given part of the system you do not have to worry when it is needed in future. The system modularity allows for construction of solutions which are ideally adjusted to the customer’s needs, reducing cost of the whole system to the necessary minimum and therefore ensuring that you only pay exactly for what you use.


Do you know what amount of orders you can expect in a year or in five years time? We do not know either but what we know is that our systems may develop and grow together with your company. Using modern database solutions as well as proper system architecture we can develop installation with more machines, constantly using the existing resources. The solutions used allow for migration of parts of components for the needs of installation at hosting centres and for the future use in a computing cloud.

Adjustment to the customer needs

We believe that optimal solution is the one which exactly corresponds with the customer needs. We appreciate the variety of our customers which brings diversity and ensures advantage over the competition. Our systems are always adjusted to the customer needs with the processes optimised for production requirements of your company. The systems adaptation includes both configuration of installation and adjustment of visual interface – so that our tools adjust into your company’s image.


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Case studies

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PrintManager in DAKO Kozioł i Wspólnicy PrintFactory
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