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Corrugated packaging producers

Production specifics

Corrugated packagings market is a still dynamically developing area. Production uses solid board, paper coated solid board and corrugated board. Cardboard is used for production of a wide range of both unit and collective packagings  refined to various degrees.

The technological sequence necessary for packaging production may require using one machine or over ten technological work units on which the material is subject to printing, finishing and diecutting, window pasting and box folding to obtain a finished product.

In order to meet the customers’ requirements print shops invest into the more and more modern machines. The equipment is chosen mainly for the required finishing techniques ability starting from coating and laminating machines, foilers, window pasting machines, box folders/gluers and others. The latest equipment often enables simultaneous performance of many processes during one pass of printed sheet through the machine.

Problems and Challenges

The print shops producing packagings must meet various requirements from their clients, in the case of packagings for pharmaceutical and food industries it is necessary to meet a range of requirements related to quality maintenance systems, additional challenges are also related to production of goods from raw materials certified in accordance with the FSC and PEFC. Implementation of these requirements without proper information system supporting the users in creation and making records is very difficult.

Cooperation with large recipients forces print shops to participate in numerous public tenders which require developed preparation and price list including numerous editions and versions, the tools enabling not only preparation of a reliable quotation but also flexible change of prices as a result of negotiations.

Performance of the numerous contract works forces print shops to properly manage the ordered products in accordance with time limits for processing of the particular production batches, maintaining minimal inventories of the given product and time management of the stored products. In addition, for lowering the production costs it is necessary to aggregate products from one or many customers on joint printing sheets. At the same time, for eliminating errors in the production process it is necessary to supply an exact and unambiguous information on the tools required for production (blanking dies, stencils for embossing and foiling etc.). All these and many more challenges can be easily faced with the help of the PrintManager system.


PrintManager (CRM - Client Relations Management module, PLM - Product Lifecycle Management, PP - Preplanning, JA - working time registering module, WMS - Warehouse Management System, SA - sales, BI - strategic analysis) + WebClient - www order and storage processes supporting module.

Support of the basic areas of company operation

The PrintManager system is able to support the enquiries receiving process from the print shop customers. Its users are able to prepare precise quotations based on the particular production technology path for particular products with its possible adjustment depending on the individual expectations of the customer. The proposed systems can accept automatic order and inform about performance of the particular production stages on further stage of cooperation with the customer.
WMS, the warehouse module of the PrintManger system enables print shop employees to make calculation of many physical and logical warehouses in one or in many locations of the company. It supports maintaining raw materials register in two measurement units. It allows for proper material flows management necessary for production as well as their ordering process. The WarehouseManager module provides for warehouse management directly related to the production order.

SalesAssistant module is a tool for management of financial documents in a company. It enables automated generating of invoices based on the clients orders and on data from the warehouse management module. Thanks to the full use of data contained in the system a detailed list of goods for invoicing is available at all times and the document issuing process is extremely simple. Ongoing monitoring of the liabilities and receivables status as well as effective recovery of receivables is possible using the module. It helps in having the financial aspects of business always under control. Fast and credible information allows for immediate reaction to any risk of failure to observe payment dates while integration with the other modules minimises the possibility of errors in the invoicing system.

Technical preparation of production

The system features tools for preparation and storage of production technology of the same product based on various performance path chosen depending on the ordered edition or the available production machines (production of the same product on 8-up and 16-up presses). The prepared technology path is approved by the authorised persons and, if needed, it is also updated or optimised by them on the basis of orders registered during the production process.

Production Planning

The ProductionPlanner module enables the planner to optimise printing production in the aspect of backgrounds and formats used
for printing as well as of any tools such as blanking dies and stencils for embossing in order to limit the number of necessary changeovers of machine to the minimum and limit the production costs.


The PrintManager system automates the ordering process of graphic preflight and processing on the stage of order acceptance from the customer.
From the moment of production launch an order for preparation of printing forms is issued,  the information on the required time of production completion of these tools is forwarded to the prepress section automatically on the basis of works planned for the offset machines. 


The PrintManager system shows the press section employees on the screens of their production terminals not only the basic information on printing substrate and inks with which the job is due to be performed but also there is a possibility of previews of singular currently printed elements as well as previews of the whole assembly for checking exposition of the printing forms.


Each of the finishing stages of production may be reported on an ongoing basis using production terminals. They also provide detailed information on the tools necessary for production and allow for input of information required by the quality systems such as e.g. confirmation of the production line cleanliness.

Management Board

All the modules of the PrintManager system collect ongoing data regarding work of the particular employees and sections then added into the central data warehouse which apart from MRP system may aggregate information from other information solutions working in the company enabling for creation of precise multilayer strategic analyses. The BI module helps in precise accounting and checking profitability of orders with many finished products combined on one printing sheet.

Solution Advantages

  • Ability of predicting at the calculation stage the production technology connecting production of many elements of the product
    on single printing sheet (box and insert)
  • Ability of generating offers in various currencies and languages
  • Ability of managing both singular orders from the customer as well as contracts supplemented
    and modified during their performance
  • Ability of launching orders for part of the contract
  • Ability of launching one commission for products from many orders
  • Ability of accepting orders for sets of goods taking into account the price resulting from the total edition of the products
  • Ability of detailed tools management from their design, through orders to monitoring the process and ordering regeneration or scraping
  • Ability of generating orders for the subcontractors – both for cooperation within production and for assembly, exposition of the finished product
  • Ability of precise goods managing both based on internal codes of the print shop and identification numbers given by the ordering party

Implementation Benefits

  • Automation and speeding up of quotations  and offers preparation based on technological templates
  • Speeding up and automation of offer preparation process both for products and for the whole contracts with the possibility of bulk change of price for the whole groups of products, both in terms of amount and in per cent
  • Obtaining the possibility of automatic recalculation of hundreds of goods for checking profitability during contract negotiations within a few minutes.
  • Achieving precise and unique management of goods together with differentiating their versions both at the stage of production, storage and shipment.
  • Limiting production errors by delivering the constantly updated, electronic production order chart for production with the possibility of connecting the review files for singular use, assembly, product after folding/gluing, schemes of tools needed for production in order to explicitly identify and eliminate errors.
  • Automation of finished goods warehouse operation through implementation of automatic bar codes readers or RFID readers.
  • Obtaining access to precise and multidimensional strategy analyses generated on the basis of data gathered at the data warehouse.