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Client Support

Apart from the product which is being implemented any customer of INFOSYSTEMS S.A. obtains support adjusted to the particular needs, the company specifics and its requirements. The help offered by INFOSYSTEMS S.A. to its customers is individualised in each case and includes a wide range of services at each stage of implementation (from pre-implementation analysis, project preparation, system configuration, to implementation) and after its completion.

INFOSYSTEMS makes every effort to ensure client satisfaction also by reliable, experienced and effectively operating service. For that purpose we created the most efficient, the biggest in Poland team of consultants and we implemented an advanced system management program for effective customer service with the problems resulting from the everyday use are signalled on an ongoing basis are immediately solved.


Call centre: +48 (22) 333-83-70 (between: 8-17)

E-mail information: [email protected]

In the case of any problems INFOSYSTEMS provides its customers with help. The tools enabling contact and the fastest possible solving of the occurring problems are available for the particular systems:

The technical support is available for 24 hours to the clients having service contracts (SLA).

Post-implementation service

Post-implementation service guarantees system maintenance and development, delivery and remote installation of updates to the user version, control of database consistency, performance of service works related to the system.

Additionally, INFOSYSTEMS offers corrections of data wrongly implemented by the ordering party, training for the system users, repairs of the damaged system as a result of accidents, modification of the current system functionalities according to the ordering party’s requirements, implementing new functionalities at their request.

Detailed conditions of these services are agreed individually and adjusted to the customer’s needs and requirements.