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Production specifics

The strength of digital print houses lies in their offer of low cost printing of a small edition product. Printing several or even one copy of a book, a colourful album, a leaflet or business cards, any number of booklets or brochures does not constitute a problem. Time is an additional asset. There are no tape leaders, we do not have to prepare plates and set up machines. Client may be served on an ad hoc basis.

Problems and Challenges

Format limitation may be a problem but it results from the technology specifics. However, digital machines producers announce a system printing in B2 format (50x70), meaning not only changes in digital printing technology but also competition for offset machines. Many print shops offering traditional printing acquire digital systems in order to meet demanding expectations of their clients in connection with low editions and short production time for orders. Quality of digital machine print is already of such high quality that it meets requirements of demanding clients.


Decrease in demand for big editions caused movement of large amount of orders into small companies which begin to specialise in them. Therefore, production organisation is needed. If it is only a matter of several orders a day and the machine is hidden in the garage – we may not need any production supporting system. If we reach out with our offer adding internet platform, some advertising, competitive price, the orders should start coming. Let’s imagine 100 orders per hour. Without a support system we will need a large team of employees. All looks different with the orders acceptance system, known as Web to Print equipped with the following modules:

  • Products portfolio presented on-line
  • Automated calculation of price based on the product parameters
  • Visual layered preflight report
  • Automated files processing, controlled by the order parameters
  • On-line acceptance of the processed material
  • Modifiable layout and functionality of the system
  • Remote access for operators and clients
  • E-mail notifications
  • On-line payments support
  • Automated issuing of invoices and consignment notes
  • Production following and monitoring system
  • Materials and services costs management
  • Packaging and couriers support
  • Integrated PDF workflow
    • Imposition (page pairing)
    • Colour corrections
    • Transparency flattening

Product Description

PuzzleFlow™ WebToPrint is a system enabling on-line orders placement, preflight, complex prepress and remote acceptance. The system also allows for automated pricing of the order, on-line payment and supports the process of sending a finished product to the client.

The order definition is extremely fast and simple. Prepress workflow, transparent forms ensure clear communication between a client and a print shop while minimising the risk of any misunderstandings. The undisputed asset of WebToPrint system is also the preflight option offered to the client. Convenient preview tools allow for verification and acceptance of the digital “layout proofs”.

Another interesting advantage of Puzzleflow WebToPrint is also the option of automated workflow queues set up which are developed for some repetitive processes. All this works on your server through remote access. The works are catalogued in one location, processed, approved and sent for printing.