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Gannett is a media and marketing solutions company with a diverse portfolio of broadcast, digital, mobile and publishing companies.

Gannett's U.S. newspapers, including USA TODAY, reach 11.6 million readers every weekday and 12.6 million readers every Sunday. Gannett operates 82 U.S. daily publications, including USA TODAY, and about 500 non-daily local publications in 30 states and Guam. The newly created Gannett Publishing Services (GPS) will combine all production and distribution for the U.S. community newspaper division, USA Today, and Gannett Offset. Gannett Publishing Services will be responsible for managing Gannett's domestic network of printing operations, product distribution, consumer sales and service and contractual outsourcing of printing. The unit will also market its imaging, ad production, printing, packaging, distribution capability and consumer sales and service to third parties.

Problems & Challenges

Gannett’s goal, and the mandate of Gannett Publishing Services it to unify and economize production for all Gannett publications and Gannett production facilities. Centralization of all prepress – including PDF creation (normalization), preflighting, file correction, creation of region specific pages and editions, file organization and distribution, among other challanges – were neccessary to meet this mandate.


Gannett has selected PuzzleFlow Automator Enterprise Edition to provide all page normalization, preflight, auto-correction and distribution corporate wide. PuzzleFlow Automator of INFOSYSTEMS company uses PuzzleFlow's exclusive PDF library to create uncompromised PDF files from PS, EPS, TIFF and JPG files. PDF files are then preflighted using PuzzleFlow's Ghent v4 certified preflight criteria and auto-corrected using rules-based criteria to address Gannett enterprise standards or meet the requirements of specific locations or third-party vendors. PuzzleFlow Automator will communicate and cooperate with Gannett's various workflow, prepress, composition and information management systems to provide seamless integration throughout the Gannett GPS environment. The Automator Enterprise system will also automatically create custom pages with the proper ads and editorial content for the USA Today product’s various regional editions, using its internal database and integration with Gannett’s data systems to locate and place region specific content and create regional pages.

Advantages of the solution/Benefits of Implementation

  • USA Today Regionalization (creating of the various regional editions of USA Today) has gone from a manual to an automated process.
  • All Gannett publications pages are normalized and preflighted centrally, reducing resources and cost.
  • All ink optimization is applied centrally as incoming pages are processed reducing resources and costs while promoting consistancy.
  • A clustered system has replaced server farms increasing throughput, lowering cost of ownership and automating fail-over.
  • The database driven system adds security and replication to prevent catastrophic system failure and insure redundancy– no single point of failure.