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Hardware and software


Within complex services provided for printing sector and packaging producers we ensure a range of equipment and software. Starting from server solutions, office and production facilities equipment, through graphic stations and specialised monitors up to software for graphic designer rooms, advertising agencies and DTP studios.


We offer Adobe products which are the highest class tools for creating vector graphics and document composition: Adobe Graphics Suite, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign.


Corel products are one of the most popular DTP programmes used for publication creation. Its advanced tools allow for simple and fact connection of text and graphics from various sources with maximum precision and control. We offer the set of Corel graphic programmes: Corel DRAW, Corel Graphics Suite and Corel Paint Shop Pro.


INFOSYSTEMS S.A. also offers Microsoft software for the business sector users and for individual users:

  • Operation systems for the Microsoft Windows workstations
  • Server operation systems for the Microsoft Windows Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server server applications
  • Microsoft Office software packages
  • .NET programming environment


We adjust hardware to the clients’ needs and to the information solutions used by them. We deliver computer hardware: servers, working station – office and graphic, mobile devices of well known producers: IBM ,HP, DELL, APPLE.

We offer advice in the optimal configuration choices both in terms of the requirements of systems installed by us as well as the external software. The customers are offered hardware for competitive prices together with software and implementation services and creation the whole network infrastructure based on the well proven solutions: Cisco, Brocade, HP, DELL.

The hardware and software purchase options are also connected with financial and consulting services allowing for investment subsidy from the external funds.