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Infosystems – a leading developer of integrated management systems for printing, publishing and packaging industries (as owner of PuzzleFlow technology) strengthens its structures and develops its portfolio devoted for the North American market. Therefore, PuzzleFlow Solutions Inc. (Infosystems’ subsidiary) has recently opened its office in New York, on the eastern coast of the USA. Infosystems is also involved in promoting the Polish IT technologies in this part of the world through an active participation in official trade missions organized by the Polish government.


“We have decided to begin a new chapter of our presence on the North American market through opening an office for our subsidiary – PuzzleFlow Solutions Inc.  – in New York - says Mariusz Sosnowski, CEO of Infosystems – This will enable us providing an appropriate customer services for the North American users of our solutions. Considering Brussels and Ras Al Khaimah (UAE), the New York-based office is the third location worldwide, established to strengthen distribution of our systems, providing implementation services and technical support. Direct presence in the US market will bring benefits both for us and our customers, allowing us to provide faster and more extensive services than before. It will also result in providing a bigger number of non-standard solutions, fully customized to local market needs”.
Infosystems has developed a wide array of advanced and efficient software solutions devoted for printing and packaging industries. The software is dynamic, integrated and fully scalable to meet the most rigorous customer requirements. Infosystems team consists of highly skilled consultants and specialists with vast software development experience and knowledge of foreign languages. Having such assets, Infosystems has decided to broaden its US-focused offer with all the company’s solutions (e.g. PrintManager, iPackManager).
“Our innovative, fully automated solutions eliminate cost-generating limitations that printers and publishers face in a modern market. These limitations mainly concern production area. That’s why our solutions are highly appreciated both on a global market and in North America, where they have been implemented in over 70 companies including Gannet Services – a part of the US media giant. With a decision to open the US-based office we will be able to sell and implement our solutions directly, get closer to our customers, react faster to their current needs and expectations as well as better control all processes” – says Mariusz Sosnowski.
“It is the next, crucial step in Infosystems’ development. Moreover it opens a new chapter in the company’s presence on the US market, providing customers with a direct partnership level, fast and effective maintenance service as well as efficient and competitive package of solutions that significantly reduce customers’ operating costs. We are sure that our experience and a wide offer, combined with the New York office-based activities will be an excellent basis for both our and our US customers’ success. It is also combined with our recent activities such as getting involved in the trade mission to Boston and Washington organized by the Polish government. We established many promising business contacts there, met many publishing, printing and packaging companies and distributors. This will result in strengthening our Polish-American business relations and help us with a further development of our US-focused market presence” – concludes Mariusz Sosnowski.