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About the product


iPackManager is a Management Information System supporting the process for the packaging production industry from the moment of initiating contact with the customer, through order execution, up to warehousing and logistics of the finished products. The system has been designed and tailor-made for the printing industry in accordance with standards set by CRM (Customer Relationship Management), MRP II (Manufacturing Resource Planning) and JDF (Job Definition Format), with ISO quality standards taken into consideration.


Challenges and opportunities


Tough competition, increasingly more advanced and innovative packaging, wide availability of services and constantly decreasing margins are the main challenges facing packaging industry suppliers. The automation of processes associated with offer generation and acceptance, as well as execution, of orders is becoming indispensable to meet current market demands.


The solution


iPackManager enables, among other things, precision planning and the ability to calculate order costs, in so doing automatically generating offers for customers. The system includes a customer database complete with the history of business transactions. The system is also a tool for specialists to create product orders from completed technical specifications. Other modules complement the needs resulting from ongoing production, such as planning, event registration, warehouse management, etc.


The advantages


  • Precise calculation of planned and actual costs with the ability to calculate cost per piece.
  • Control production and customer service staff based on the data entered as well as other relevant indicators.
  • Full integration of individual system modules within the framework of a common, logically related database stored on a server. Therefore every piece of information is only entered once into the system and can be used and processed by all system users in parallel.
  • User-friendly, uncomplicated interface, which is easily navigated by users without specialist education or specialized IT knowledge.
  • Multilingual – thanks to its support for multiple languages, the system is adapted to the requirements of international companies – each employee using the system, regardless of their knowledge of foreign languages, can work in their native language. Different language versions of the user interface are available at any time under a single, central system.
  • Scalability – iPackManager allows for the safe operation of the system in both LAN as well as extensive WAN network configurations. Thanks to its modular structure and multilayered architecture, the system is easily scalable and can be used in both medium-sized and enterprise printing companies. The system can also be configured and personalized for a given group, or individual user.


The benefits


  • Reduced downtime resulting from faults, regulations, maintenance;
  • Reduction of waste resulting from preparation and start-up of machines;
  • Reduction of time required for the preparation of the machines;
  • Improvement of effectiveness of machine use and their operators;
  • Reduction of raw material inventory for production;
  • Reduction of paint inventory;
  • Reduction of warehouse space demand;
  • Elimination of bottlenecks in production preparation;
  • Reduction of order execution time;
  • Improvement of ability to meet deadlines faster;
  • Reduction of costs of machinery and equipment maintenance;
  • Reduction of production costs;
  • Improvement of the quality and the image of the company;
  • Improvement of the raw material complaint procedure