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The Company Profile and Mission

The company was established in 1999 and in 2007 it was first listed at the Warsaw Stock Exchange on the NewConnect market. Since the beginning of its operation the company supplies solutions enhancing entities management currently becoming the nationwide leader in the field of integrated management systems in printing sector. For many years the company has also supported the widely understood education of printing market and has offered consultancy with regards to information solutions and obtaining funds from the European Union for complex implementation of innovative investment projects in the packaging and printing sectors.

Our Mission

The mission of INFOSYSTEMS is to satisfy the ever growing needs of entities by supplying advance information solutions based on modern technologies supporting effective the enterprise management and its resources administration as well as their implementation together with investment and organisational consultancy.


The most important values the company observes are: customer care, satisfying individual needs of the customer, innovativeness and professionalism. Our advantages are know-how, experience and modern technologies we use as well as our own technologies which we still develop.


INFOSYSTEMS enjoys trust of over 50 printing enterprises which decided to improve management using the PrintManager system and at the same time by increasing their competitiveness on the market. These include both medium sized and large printing companies operating in various industries of the sector. The company’s huge success is implementing the PrintManager system in the largest Polish enterprises specialising in packaging production.

In 2012 Infosystems SA has completed the process of purchasing ownership rights for the PuzzleFlow software – one of the most popular solutions for complex preparing of graphic files for printing. As a result of the investment, the company has created unique IT solutions for printing, publishing and packaging industries: PuzzleFlow Manager (MIS), PuzzleFlow WebToPrint, PuzzleFlow B2B Portal, PuzzleFlow Publisher, PuzzleFlow Workflow.



Creation of the “tailor made” software for the particular customers is a large challenge of knowledge and competences of the company employees. Therefore, INFOSYSTEMS employs the best specialists in programming and consultants in organisation, management, printing, production, logistics and finance. These persons offer their specialist education, systematically improving their professional qualifications, engineers with huge experience, keen to share their knowledge and experience.