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O About the product

PrintManager MIS is an integrated information system supporting a printing enterprise management process MIS (Management Information System) from the moment of initiating contact with a customer, through order processing, to storage and logistics of the final products. The system was designed and produced exclusively for the printing industry based on CRM (Customer Relationship Management), MRPII (Manufacturing Resource Planning), JDF (Job Definition Format) standards and in compliance with the ISO quality requirements.

Problems and Challenges

Tough competition, wide accessibility of services and constantly decreasing mark-ups are the main problems faced by the printing services suppliers. Automation of the processes related to offer generating, acceptance and processing of orders seems necessary for meeting the current market requirements. Precise settlement of orders manufacturing costs becomes complicated by their reduction through merge of works within one order as a result of lowering the device costs per product.


Implementing the PrintManager MIS among other goals, aims at enabling precise accounting of order costs and calculation of their planned costs. As a result, it is possible to prepare automatically generated offers for customers. The system includes customers database and history of contacts with these customers. It allows for registering orders for products the technology of which is described by process chart. The system is also a tool for the technology engineers who are able to activate orders upon preparing process charts.
Particular tasks of the system are bound into modules which together cover functionally the whole operation of business.

  • ContactManager - customers relations and orders management
  • ProductManager -production orders calculation and management
  • ProductionPlanner - production planning and control
  • JobAcquisitor - registration of operation times
  • WarehouseManager - management of raw materials warehouses, goods and tools
  • SalesAssistant - invoicing, payments registration, recovery of receivables
  • BusinessAnalyser - analytical portal for the managers and management board of the print shop


The ContactManager module is a complex solution of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) class, supporting communication and cooperation between the enterprise and the customer. It allows for concentrating all the address data and the whole correspondence regarding clients, suppliers, partners and employees in one location. Thanks to gathering all the documents in electronic form assigned to the relevant projects and customers the concept of “paperless office” is easily implemented. The module enables management of the particular versions of documents and of archives.

The ContactManager module is equipped with advanced mechanisms of processing customers' orders. The powerful feature of PrintManager system is team work and workflow management through the ability of defining the relevant paths of performance (procedures) of the particular processes. This helps in easy achievement of the employees subordination to the procedures imposed by the norms introduced in the company, e.g. ISO or HACCP. ContactManager allows for detailed monitoring of the ongoing cooperation with clients starting from contact initiation through negotiation to performance of particular orders. All information is arranged and easily accessible for the authorised users.


The role of the ProductManager module belonging to the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) class solution is the automated creation of cost calculation, process charts and production (job) orders for various types of printing products. The ProductManager module includes the technological norms defined for each operation performed using the particular devices. All machines, devices and workstations are defined in the system as the cost centres (CC) for which precise cost rates are calculated. The calculations are created in the system according to the incrementing principle, by dividing the whole product into particular elements and the elements into technological operations. This allows for very fast preparation of a precise calculation, even for complicated printing products for many editions simultaneously with the optional operations underlined. The module enables not only creation of quotations but also performs job order calculations (created automatically before approval of the order for production). Process charts are generated automatically and archived with various versions taking into account the changes made during the product life history.


PrintManager is an ideal tool for printing production planning, being one of the key factors for achieving high profitability of the business entity. The application responsible for this process is the ProductionPlanner module based on MRP II (Manufacturing Resource Planning) standard which offers a developed set of tools helping a planner in his everyday work. Ability to clearly visualise the planned production allows for proper distribution of work to all the machines in the machine park and for full use of their capacity. This module helps in planning orders based on Gantt’s chart which, in connection with the planning registers, is a comprehensive tool for optimised production plan preparation. To the application advantage it features easy search for information on the planned production orders. They are located not only in the configured registers but also are displayed in the form of transparent toll-tips upon being indicated with a cursor. For comfortable work the application enables working on two monitors. One monitor displays the planning table and the other can be used for easy browsing of registers including technological information regarding both the orders and the particular operations. Thanks to the additional feature of the displayed information formatting it is possible to quickly find and group the similar operations in order to optimise the machines changeover times.


The JobAcquisitor module is the software of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) class. It allows the production managers and supervisors for an insight into technological production orders which enables more efficient work organisation and control. The managers may correct the given operations which were entered earlier in real time during processing the production order.

It enables detailed control of timely performance of production orders. The module is also a very helpful tool helping in monitoring all the performed production orders. Easy data filtering, sorting and grouping are the features which make the module transparent and easily applicable.


WarehouseManager is a module belonging to the WMS (Warehouse Management System) solutions group and therefore it services the full range of tasks related to warehouse material management and finished products management. It allows for proper material flows management necessary for production. It helps in easy and fast preparation of orders, in processes of supplies acceptance and distribution of materials for production.
The WarehouseManager enables printing labels for labelling goods (pallets) and warehouse locations, and also allows for allocating individual packaging number (SSCC). 

The WarehouseManager module provides for warehouse management directly related to the production order. The WarehouseManager module enables servicing the high-storage warehouse reproducing both physical and logical warehouse structures and also implements the chosen strategy of goods flows. The WarehouseManager allows for servicing several branches or entities within one capital group using one system. Each of the entities may have any number of warehouses configured in the system as well as their shared database of recipients and suppliers. The module offers monitoring both the flows of materials and finished products for each registered palette from its acceptance to the firm to its delivery to customer.  Thanks to its integration with reliable solutions and Auto ID equipment using bar codes and RFID, management of a high-storage warehouse becomes extremely easy. Obtaining information from the system on where the particular palette with the given SSCC number is located is possible at all times.


The SalesAssistant module is an integrated tool for management of financial documents of the enterprise which enables automated generating of invoices based on the customers’ orders and on data from the warehouse management module.  Thanks to the full use of data contained in the system a detailed list of goods for invoicing is available at all times and the document issuing process is extremely simple.

Ongoing monitoring of the liabilities and receivables status as well as effective recovery of receivables is possible using the module. the SalesAssistant is a perfect addition to all the other functionalities of the PrintManager systems. It helps in having the financial aspects of business always under control. Fast and credible information allows for immediate reaction to any risk of failure to observe payment dates and integration with the other modules minimises the possibility of errors in the invoicing system. The SalesAssistant module also enables registering purchase and payment documents. Using many lists one can monitor the current financial situation of the company as well as review the historical data.


BusinessAnalyser is a modern information solution of BI (Business Intelligence) class based on data warehouse technology. Its basic role is to supply arranged and comprehensible information supporting decision making and reporting on various levels of company management. The module allows for performance of analyses of the operational activity of the enterprise in commercial, production and financial aspects. Using many lists one can monitor the current situation of the company and review the historical data. The module enables preparing analysis taking into account any time periods and the particular cost centres (e.g. sections, machines, work units). The BusinessAnalyser module was created on the basis of the latest information technologies related to data analysis. It is based on OLAP cubes (Online Analytical Processing) which creates unprecedented possibilities of reports configuration according to own needs. The generated reports may be exported into many formats for further analysis.

In the BusinessAnalyser module the users – with the earlier prepared data – individually choose the parameters of their interest and make a visual of them using a pivot table or a chart. Key Performance Indicators together with charts and reports are placed in the system on a control panel (Dashboard) available through internet browser of the computer, tablet or phone.

Solution Advantages

  • Precise calculations of the planned and factual costs with the possibility of calculation of costs for use.
  • Control over the work of production and customer service employees according to data entered be them and to the relevant indicators.
  • Full integration of the particular system modules within the common database stored on a server and logically connected. As a result, each information is entered into the system only once for further use and processing by all the system users simultaneously.
  • Straightforward and user friendly servicing. Thanks to the used interfaces the system operator moves through the system in a transparent way. No specialist education or specialist information knowledge is required for servicing the system.
  • Safety of information storage. Data gathered on server is protected against accidental loss and access by unauthorised persons. Access to the data is subject to registration and thanks to the authorising system the specified scope of access to information gathered in the system is granted only to the persons who have proper authorisation.
  • Multilingualism – Multilingual system is adjusted to the requirements of international holdings – the employees using the system, regardless of their knowledge of foreign languages, may now work in their native language. Various language versions are available at all times within one central system.
  • Scalability – the PrintManager operating in Windows environment provides for safe system operation both in the local computer network and in an extensive WAN network (connecting several branches of the company). The modular construction and multi-layered architecture make the system easily scalable for its application both in medium sized and in very large printing companies. Moreover, the system offers the possibility of its configuration and personalisation for the needs of a specified group, including even an individual user.
  • Ensuring constant system development. PrintManager system undergoes continuous development and adjustments to growing needs and changing circumstances. The Software Development and Service Sections take care of perfect operation of the system and of its adjustment to the changing reality.

Implementation Benefits

  • Business turnover increase;
  • Increase in the business work capacity;
  • Purchased materials cost reduction;
  • Decrease in the warehouse inventories;
  • Elimination of errors and shortcomings.

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