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Product Line

Success of the PrintManager system stems from employment of the latest information technologies. The PrintManager system was designed in cooperation with Microsoft using its technology. The system was built on MS SQL Server 2012 platform with the latest software production tools. Application is a joint achievement of Polish software engineers and consultants and the printing industry was designed and produced exclusively for the printing industry based on CRM (CustomerRelationship Management), MRPII (Manufacturing Resource Planning) and JDF (Job Definition Format) standards and in compliance with the ISO quality requirements. The designer’s team used modern standards in the area of specification, modeling as well as information system designing.

PrintManager MIS

Full integration of the system modules within the common database on a server and logically connected modules. Each information is entered into the system only once and can be used and processed by all the system users simultaneously.

PrintManager Connector

The system features mechanisms that offer extensive options of multi-level integration and cooperation with the external systems within one enterprise or within cooperative interconnections.

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