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PuzzleFlow Manager

PuzzleFlow Manager is a revolutionary system developed on the basis of known and appreciated solutions which have been present on Polish market for years:

  • PuzzleFlow PDF files processing system
  • Galileo print shop management information system

Thanks to this, a system was created ensuring complex control over orders processing for small and medium print shops – from creation of quotation to preparing and supplying materials for printing, ending with production. PuzzleFlow Manager was developed through blending experiences of the leading Polish teams providing solutions for print shops. It is a new quality on the printing software market.

PuzzleFlow Manager system offers full control over the production system, including graphic studio into the information flow system in a print shop.

Shrinking time for orders processing causes present tendency to speed-up all the production stages in order to meet the deadlines.
This becomes possible after PuzzleFlow Manager system is implemented in a print shop.

Client support and production management

PuzzleFlow Manager System allows for optimising client support processes shortening the time necessary for performance of calculations and for offer preparation. Technological orders processing is automated and technological product description allows for enhancement of communication inside the company and for  elimination of errors resulting from misunderstandings. Production planning in connection with the control mechanism of availability of materials offered by Puzzle- Flow Manager system guarantees improvement in use of machine park, decreases the risk of stoppages of machines caused by lack of materials.

Prepress in PuzzleFlow Manager

So far most of the print shop management systems avoided interference into prepress section.  However, in many print shops it remains to be the place of large unused potential for shortening order processing time. PuzzleFlow Manager System – thanks to PuzzleFlow technology automating the files processing process – enables for reaching these resources and release them.

Modular construction

Scalability is its important advantage – thanks to the modular construction of the system each print shop may adjust it to its needs, choosing the modules and functions corresponding to its interests. The system may be also developed by enhancing the created workflow with new elements.

Integrated Management

Print shops must dynamically adjust to the changing expectations of clients.  The number of data processed by them grows which inevitably generates problems with information flow and control and nothing else affects the company’s market success or defeat more than the efficient information flow. Without rational production and warehouse management, fast and satisfactory Client support, and without the possibility of measuring the enterprise results it is difficult to boost profits these days. Therefore, solutions allowing for complex management are a must have. PuzzleFlow Manager is just the solution of this kind.

Client Relations Management (CRM)

Each print house needs a tool gathering information on various aspects of Client Relations. Access to all Client related data from one spot is the clue of the modern trend such as CRM, i.e. Client Relations Management. In PuzzleFlow Manager the following information is available in one place:

  • on coordination of cooperation with contractors through the contracts history,
  • on indebtedness and receivables and turnover for any period of time,
  • related to any documents of the contractor.

Planning and assignment of tasks

Contact with client is only the beginning: managing the matter and generating tasks for performance and its supervision allows for control of progress of the ongoing issues. CRM module of PuzzleFlow Manager system suggests what tasks and matters related to the Client are ongoing at the time.

Quote calculation and offer preparation.

Detailed calculation. Precise, and furthermore fast price quote for an order is the key feature of the calculation module. The system gives a precisely calculated price with margin divided into the particular items of the order and distribution of costs of services and materials.

Offer generating. Each client will appreciate the received offer in the form of aesthetic printout or via e-mail. By only three clicks a multi-option offer for a client is prepared.

Prepress in PuzzleFlow Manager

PuzzleFlow Manager System manages orders in prepress section organising work with the use of specified procedure paths – workflow. Labour-consuming processes are automated and speeded up and full information on the current status of work is available in the system.

PuzzleFlow is a technology of PDF files processing adjusted to the contemporary prepress requirements. The system guarantees automation of prepress processes based on cooperating modules for processing simple, elemental operations and high efficiency of tools adjusted to processing large amounts of data using multi-processor machines.

Conversion and preflight

PuzzleFlow Manager is a unique solution allowing for:

  • verification of an order before sending it to print house,
  • conversion of EPS, PostScript files and rendering formats,
  • creation of high quality PDF document from practically each application thanks to the virtual printer function,

Colour management

PuzzleFlow Manager guarantees also perfect colour management, crucial for performance of each order in any printing enterprise and decides about its final effect and acceptance or rejection by a Client.


Ensures exchange of coloured areas using ICC profiles. Allows for using devicelink type profiles in order to save ink. Supports colour separations and recombination of the prepressed documents, allows for conversion of colours into the base area. Work effectiveness is increased by using intelligent trapping, servicing of the defined trapping areas of various parameters, spot colours support and “rich black” option in texts.

Platesetter rendering system

PuzzleFlow Manager has its own rendering engine with abilities analogical to the leading solutions on the market. It supports separation, tone transition, all modes of overprint. Allows for generating low-resolution thumbnails for use in page preview as well as half-tones creation (printing raster). It also supports anti-aliasing and high resolutions. Supports many output formats e.g. TIFF, JPG, PDF (also in CT/LW option).

Imposition (page pairing)

PuzzleFlow Manager has manual and automatic tools for imposition of printed sheet, its own tool for designing page pairing schemes taking into account chain signatures and based on various types of binding as well as the ability to enrich the sheet with sheet descriptions, fences, cutting and folding marks, folds calibration (including its own).  It also enables page breaks into smaller documents (e.g. during the billboards production) as well as recognising page pairing marks in order to establish page geometry.

Correction and optimisation of PDF files

Apart from the material geometry (change of net/gross formatting, calibration) it also ensures conversion to documents in PDF/X standard, automatic setting of overprint parameters, correction of tone transition, overprint of white spots, as well as recognition and connection of assigned gradients and rendering pictures.

Work based on price lists and norms

It is generally known how complicated and non-standard Clients’ orders can be. PuzzleFlow Manager does not impose any limitations within this scope during order preparation and price calculation. Each additional operation may be defined in the services dictionary. It is possible to define many price lists with the parameter costs for performed services, used materials and semi-finished products.

Technological preparation. The employees performing an order are given unambiguous information on the method of preparing its particular stages.

Detailed printouts of process charts:

  • starting from the prepress one, including rendering and exposure parameters,
  • through the printing chart – including data on the mount of needed sheets, colours, enhancements,
  • ending with the one for bindery – with description of construction and method of binding,

meet the expectations of the modern printing companies.

Warehouse management. Proper status of warehouse administration decides on the continuation of a print shop operations and therefore it is the most significant issue in print shop management. On the other hand, inadequate warehouse management may lead to uncontrolled increase in stock and negatively affect  financial liquidity of the whole enterprise. PuzzleFlow Manager offers constant control of warehouse inventory for any type of stock.

Reservation of materials. PuzzleFlow Manager – as a fully integrated system exchanges data between modules. In this case PuzzleFlow Manager enables booking materials for the particular order, for keeping optimal amount of stock in warehouse and for prediction of materials amounts needed in future.

Scheduling. The advanced module of automatic planning means effective use of machine park potential and boosting work efficiency. Modern and complex planning solutions are necessary key for meeting expectations of Clients and keeping pace with competition.

Quality control. Control of production processes facilitates maintenance of high quality levels leading to market success. PuzzleFlow Manager system enables defining features of processes subject to control and their value. Reports on the discovered defects are the basis for correction and prevention activities.

Strong competition on the market imposes low margins. Only a well thought out price policy of an enterprise guarantees client’s satisfaction and funds for development. Without knowing the factual costs incurred during orders processing it seems impossible. PuzzleFlow Manager enables automatic post production calculation for each order and therefore gives insight into the costs structure and may constitute basis for changes in price policy.

Multilayer analysis. Constant cost and profit analysis is a duty of each manager these days. They need a tool useful for making analyses in wide range of data, various aspects with unrestricted selection of scopes and parameters. PuzzleFlow Manager gives access to flexible module of multi-dimension reports.