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PuzzleFlow Media Technologies - at the Amsterdam World Publishing Expo 2014

Infosystems SA (leader in the field of integrated systems designed for management in the printing, publishing and packaging industries, as well as the owner of the PuzzleFlow technology) and Digital 66 (leading integrator in software solutions in North America) have presented their offer under the joint-venture named PuzzleFlow Media Technologies (PMT) during the recently concluded Amsterdam World Publishing Expo 2014. Both companies promoted solutions aimed towards the publishing industry. It was the first time the PMT offer was presented on such a large scale, and it ended in a great success.

PuzzleFlow Media Technologies, among the 300 exhibitors at the Amsterdam World Publishing Expo 2014, promoted, under their special fair exhibition - Media Port Revenue - latest IT solutions based on the PuzzleFlow technology, aimed towards the publishing industry. Included in the presentation were PuzzleFlow Automator, PuzzleFlow WebPairer and PuzzleFlow Publisher. The first of the three is an automatic prepress system directed at the newspaper publishing industry, whose primary functionality is validation of editorial web pages, as well as promotional products, in terms of technical correctness and compliance with the publication plan, automatic rectification and publication of promotional materials on the provided web pages. PuzzleFlow WebPairer is in turn an automatic printing imposition system and page pairer for newspaper applications. It comes either as a stand-alone application, or as an extension bundled with the PuzzleFlow Automator. An important part of the printing imposition system is the functionality of web increase compensation, which is notably significant in the event of printing on a cheaper paper, or with the use of an older set of printing machines. Another solution presented at the Amsterdam expo - PuzzleFlow Publisher - helps to maintain the already existing printing production in publishing houses of every size: from small, specialized publishing teams, to big media enterprises. The system comprises the following functionalities: production planning with various titles and different target printing houses taken into account, release planning - electronic editorial order system, the deliverance, verification and conversion of production material in the form of PDF files, services for advertising agencies, soft-proofing system and support for machine test printing, communication within editorial teams, preparation of the materials for the purpose of e-publication and archiving services.

PuzzleFlow Media Technologies presented two more products - PuzzleFlow ColorSaver - a tool for converting files to PDF format, and Claro - a picture verification tool, used to help determine and analyze the sharpness of the picture, its brightness, contrast, color balance and many more relevant parameters.

"It was yet another international event, which showed clearly just how popular PuzzleFlow technology is among clients from all around the world. The fair was visited by several thousand people from over a hundred countries, which is a testament to the magnitude of the event, as well as its lasting popularity, despite the broadly defined media industry evolving dynamically." - says Swapan Chaudhuri - "It is worth noting, that the range of IT systems dedicated towards printing, publishing and packaging industries offered by our company is one of the widest available. Our solutions are used by over a thousand companies from all over the world. That includes not only one of the biggest printing, publishing and packaging figures on the Polish market (like Bauer or Agora), but also, among others, the biggest publisher in USA (Gannett). Those companies, thanks to the IT solutions offered by Infosystems SA, have improved their management, optimized their business strategy and automated the production process, simultaneously increasing their competitiveness on the market. The Amsterdam expo has once again consolidated our conviction that our offer has reached the highest international status, a claim actively affirmed by the visiting clients - worldwide recognized publishers as well as PMT business partners. The expo was also an opportunity to create new connections with the immediate clients, which will hopefully translate to closer cooperation in the future. Furthermore, it gave us an opportunity to talk to new retailers, which will bring our line of products to even more countries."