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PuzzleFlow Publisher

Publishing project management from publication planning to delivery of materials for printing. Integrates tools for verification and standardisation of PDF (PDF/X) files and documents distribution system. Unique planning system and possibility of creating electronic publications complete this concise production ecosystem.

About the product

Publisher contains a complete set of PuzzleFlow tools and a PDF documents flow system designed especially for the specifics of publishing preparation. The system enables work in editorial teams, simplifies and verifies graphic designers work. Delivery of documents to the central system is easy and enables location of errors at an early stage. Each user may concentrate on its own tasks while monitoring the progress of works over the whole edition. Thanks to the planning options, active editorial order outline option and acceptance of pages with the preview and the possibility of changing comments the system offers a unique possibility of cooperation within editorial office and the whole publishing house, integrating the particular sections and external customers.

From the chief editor’s or the production manager positions Publisher enables control over the whole process. It includes the key issues such as: timely delivery of pages and advertisements for publishing, notification on exceeding or on approaching deadlines for sending, materials completeness, proper files conversion results as well as ensuring that the print shop receives undamaged files.

The system supports an advanced model of authorisations allowing for simultaneous printing, control and delivery in the whole publishing house, taking into account confidentiality of data critical for business.


  • Reduction of time needed for verification, standardisation and delivery of files to the print shop through full automation of the process from DTP work station to print shop;
  • Preparation process standardisation simplifies preparation of pages and advertisements documents, allows for concentrating on contents instead of the technical aspects;
  • Centralised communication system between teams and advertisements suppliers allows for exchange of information and approval as well as full monitoring of the material preparation process and responsibility
  • Printing production costs reduction while maintaining high quality by using paint use optimization, tonnes covering analysis mechanisms, tools for digital trapping generating
  • Reduction of the amount of used material during proofing – by optimising or total eliminating using soft-proofing system on the calibrated monitors screens;
  • Planning system reduces costs related to creation of separate planning standards for each editorship and enables following production progress as well as the ongoing status within the publishing time and budget limitations.


Key Features

  • Production Planning. The Production Planning system enables covering substantive scope of publication and assigning persons responsible for content creation and graphic look of various pages or blocks. At this stage layout of an advertising material is also possible. Colours differentiate the planned content easily and the editorial order is comprehensible giving the full picture of the notebook at one glance.
  • Initial verification of works (Preflight). A document generated in the graphic program automatically undergoes a series of tests which reveal the errors in material conversion or its inconsistency with the technical specification.
  • Preparation and conversion of files. Verification and correction of files, page geometry adjustment, colour management system with the option of paint saving, technologically advanced trapping and raster scanning module with full support of transparency and overprint. This means problem free integration of many tools – all the needed features are already built-in within the system.
  • Communication and Teamwork Coordination. It is people who create a publishing house. Editors, graphic designers, photo-editors, production specialists, printers. Taking control over the communication chaos and clear assignment of competences is the task of each production manager. The Publisher makes it possible. One glance is enough to ensure that work is in full swing.
  • Advert delivery and editing – from planning to approval and conversion of materials for printing, the whole process is performed with the outlook at the most crucial element of business – advertisements. Our unique method enables independent operation of editorial and advertising teams. The system manages adverts and hence both teams can be autonomous with their deadlines and materials being replaceable at any time without the need for re-composition.
  • Delivery System – Files transmission to a print shop may cause problems related to passwords submission, complex names and file paths. In the system in which each minute counts, and any error may cost a lot, one has to trust informatization. The Publisher makes the files reach their proper destination, in proper version and on time. Their compatibility with originals in the system will be additionally confirmed.
  • Hard and Soft Proofing – No publishing system can operate without the possibility of fast layout and page content proofing. The Publisher pushes the envelope by mapping the true colours and layout both on proofing devices and on monitor screen. With its own ripping engine the document interpretation and its mapping truly reflect the final output of the printing sheet.
  • Exporting digital publication formats – Digital revolution transforms magazines and newspapers into the world of new technologies where smart phone or a tablet screen replace a sheet of paper. The Publisher provides a wide range of output options in PDF format compatible with these devices, optimal in terms of dimensions and soon also in other digital formats.