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PuzzleFlow is a technology of PDF files processing adjusted to the contemporary prepress requirements. The PuzzleFlow means over 10 years of experience in preparing documents for printing. The system guarantees automation of prepress processes based on cooperating modules for processing simple, unit operations and high efficiency of tools adjusted to processing large amounts of material using multi-processor machines.

PuzzleFlow Manager

Printer management support system featuring all the business processes in the company – from the customer enquiry to the financial settlement

PuzzleFlow Workflow

Several dozen of tools such as preflight, correction, optimisation, imposition, CMS, trapping, rendering, in the hotfolders based system

PuzzleFlow Mosaic

Collecting orders on-line, preflight, workflow preprint, remote acceptance and internet store (web shop)

PuzzleFlow Motif

PuzzleFlow Motif has been designed to handle most crucial prepress operations in automated way.

PuzzleFlow Publisher

Publishing work support system planning, preparing and supplying materials for printing and in electronic form

PuzzleFlow WebPairer

Automated newspaper workflow allowing for merging adverts, material verification and its correction  as well as imposition into rolling machines


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