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PuzzleFlow WebPairer


PuzzleFlow WebPairer is an automatic imposition and page pairing system designed for newspaper applications. The WebPairer System is offered both as an independent application and as module included in the PuzzleFlow Automator system. Upon installation of either of the solutions, the WebPairer uses full strength of prepress correction offered by the Automator. If the customer decides to install only the imposition part, the packet he receives includes the basic prepress correction which includes automatic correction of the pages geometry. The important feature of imposition system is the web growth correction, or fan out which is particularly important in printing on cheaper paper or using older machines.

The PuzzleFlow WebPairer is recognized for its quality both in local publishing houses printing local titles and in the companies operating at corporate scale. The architecture of our solution allows for fluent scaling of the production efficiency by adding the additional processing servers. At the same time in case of small publishing houses the system may be launched and successfully operate on a single desktop class computer.

Next to scalable efficiency the modular architecture of our application allows for activating and disabling particular functionalities of our system. Therefore the imposition solution may grow and gradually become a complex system covering all the prepress processes in the publishing house. The applications activated within one system interchange their features (e.g. the WebPairer uses advanced mechanisms of page correction offered by the Automator)

The key factor affecting the choice of information technology solutions for newspaper use is the quality and availability of technical support. Our technical team consists of the personnel with many years of experience in the printing and newspaper market. We offer support both during office hours and 24 hours a day. Our two support and R&D centres are located on two continents, therefore we can easily face the challenges coming from various time zones and from magazine printers operating at various hours.

Since the PuzzleFlow WebPairer had been available on the market, it was recognised both among local and corporate scale publishers. The WebPairer installations currently operate on several continents and offer support to publishers from the US, Poland, Russia and Brazil. The PuzzleFlow allows for saving time and money while increasing production quality in the areas where printed press development or production technology optimisation need to be implemented. Several dozen successful implementations, renewed technical support contracts and growing customer database are the best recommendation our solution could receive from our customers.


The PuzzleFlow WebPairer is a complete imposition system dedicated for newspaper market. Our solution enables automation of imposition processes ensuring high technical quality of the produced spreads and minimises the risk of losses caused by imposition errors. A transparent user interface designed especially for newspaper production allows for construction of imposition formats and monitoring production of the consecutive editions. Reduction of the whole process complexity in connection with high efficiency enable our clients to significantly reduce operating activity costs (including also payroll costs).

Key Features

The key advantages of our solution include:

  • Ability to construct all impositions schemes typical for newspapers
  • Built in pre-flight module compatible with GWG standard in version 4
  • Basic prepress correction of editorial pages
  • User interface dedicated for newspaper imposition
  • Verification of conformity of the received pages with the edition parameters
  • Generating of dynamic markers on pages (code bars, ISBN numbers)
  • Web growth correcting module
  • ColorSaving – paint use reduction
  • CMS colour management module
  • Preview of the prepared spreads
  • Integration with RIP
  • Modular construction and possible integration with the PuzzleFlow Automator
  • Scalable efficiency (our solutions are used both by local newspapers and publishing houses operating on a corporate scale).
  • Uniform architecture based on the PuzzleFlow technology