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PuzzleFlow Workflow

Information system automating the electronic documents flow during the prepress process with the complete set of tools for verifying, conversion and optimising PDF files.

Product Description

PuzzleFlow is a production system automating complete process of PDF documents preparation. Offers over 40 available processing modules which can be configured in any way to perform the desired conversions while adjusting the electronic document to the technological specifics of the final printing product. A set of tools covers a complete spectrum necessary for operation in a modern prepress room. All these tools are the result of our company’s work and remain under the producer’s supervision without the necessity of any additional software investments.

Benefits for Business

  • Time and human factor reduction during the documents adaptation process;
  • Lower costs of work while process control increases;
  • Minimised errors and technical problems;
  • Implementation of production norms and standards increasing the system compatibility;
  • Possible personalisation and flexible adjustment of the system;
  • Team of qualified specialists ready to help in enhancing the process.

Key Features

  • 40 processing modules.  The system offers over 40 processing modules with their functionality covering the full spectrum of modern prepress tasks (files conversion, preflight, colour management, documents optimising and correction, print personalization, fonts management, imposition, trapping, raster scanning).
  • High-speed processing allows for mass processing of large numbers of files while maintaining the system scalability. The latest versions enable connecting many machines in a singular, centrally controlled system and dividing processing onto all components (load balancing).
  • Native solution. The system foundation is the specialised PDF library the idea of which and its implementation was fully performed by our company. As opposed to the competitive solutions, it guarantees constant support and technology development without the necessity of investing into any additional tools from the external firms and a long-lasting integration process.
  • User-friendly interface – like solving a jigsaw puzzle. Composing even a very complex system is a simple task and using the consistent visuals the user understands all the events in the system. For the majority of users we give access to the most important settings, however, the most advanced ones are hidden until they become necessary for application.
  • Freedom of construction of individual solutions. Exceptional interface for construction of own solutions enables the users to compose their own chain of tools which then may be used in various environments and processes.
  • Web-based job management – The queue management process, system configurations and current monitoring of jobs is fully available through the www interface, cooperating with modern browsers. It enables not only remote management of the system operation but also widens its possibilities by the user interface development with his own components.
  • Virtual PDF printer – PuzzleFlow Express is a simple application installed in the customer’s stations with the virtual printer installed allowing for remote transmission of files immediately from the graphic station. The final station communicates on-line with PuzzleFlow server through the built in www browser. The additional advantage is the initial verification module available in the application and controlled from the server – preflight allowing for checking the files from technical point of view before sending to the system.
  • Standards processing and integration. Thanks to using open standards such as JDF and JMF and various options of exchange and saving the information on processed works, the system may become integrated with other solutions of workflow, MIS information flow management systems as well as with final equipment such as printers and proofers.
  • System development ability– the advanced users and integrators have the possibility of changing the equipment and system behaviour in many aspects of its operation through modifying and adding own applications and scripts at each stage of processing. This solution allows for construction of own processing logic, integration with the external tools and construction of own comprehensive solutions implementing the most complex processes.


  • Printing prepress room
  • Print shops