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Subsidy Consulting

INFOSYSTEMS S.A. EUROPEAN FUNDS DEPARTMENT (DFE IFS) deals with consulting regarding obtaining and settlement of funds from the European Union subsidy programmes and the national programmes.

What makes us unique?


We prepare complex application documentation and settle the projects


We cooperate in preparing opinions on innovativeness and deliver the R&D work results, we support obtaining patents and industrial design


We analyse the possibility of obtaining subsidies from various sources (e.g. ROP, OPIE, , Norway funds, national programmes)


We implement investment programmes for the largest enterprises in printing and packaging sector

Our services include e.g.

  • preparing projects meeting requirements and criteria of the particular programmes;
  • preparing application documentation;
  • projects settlement;
  • project implementation reporting;
  • audits of projects preparing for control.

Example types of projects which may be given support:

  • implementation of new investment which includes purchase of assets and intangible assets;
  • modernising an enterprise by infrastructure development (including construction of development of production building or warehouse);
  • using new technological solutions in production and services including these leading to decrease of harmful impact on environment (lowering material consumption, water and energy consumption);
  • implementing modern information and communication solutions (ICT).


detailed information is available at:
e-mail: [email protected]
under phone No: + 48 22 333 83 50
and on the webpage: