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INFOSYSTEMS has the status of the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. This title means achieving the highest level of partnership with Microsoft. The Microsoft certificates are the highest guarantee of qualifications and competences of the company and its employees regarding advanced information projects. Within the Partnership Programme INFOSYSTEMS obtained the ISV Software Solutions competence granted to the producers of software in Microsoft technology who passed successfully the tests performed by Veritest, the independent institution and who obtain references from its customers. INFOSYSTEMS also has executed royalty agreement with Microsoft Corporation which enables us to sell Microsoft systems on special conditions.

CIP4 Consortium

CIP4 Consortium is an international organisation of companies and bodies operating in the printing industry sector. International Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in PrePress, Press and PostPress (CIP4) aims at integration of all actions performed within printing production. The organisation deals mainly with development and promotion of the Job Definition Format – JDF standard of data exchange. The Job Definition Format standard ensures operational compatibility of systems from various producers and communication between company sections, their partners and customers. Purchase of products compatible with CIP4 standard ensures their problem free communication regardless of the producer. The standard simplifies configuration and guarantees long term cooperation.

Certificate of Membership 2013-2014 


Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg), the magnate on the offset sheetfed printing machines market, is the leading supplier of commercial solutions in the printing industry. This German company with its head office in Heidelberg offers a complete system starting from prepress software to printing and finishing machines. The company uses PuzzleFlow technology as one of components in their solutions.

Presteligence Inc

Presteligence, operating since 1990, is the leading supplier of services and production systems specialised in newspaper market. It offers solutions for advertising management, proofing systems, workflow production systems and interactive multimedia services. In their solutions Presteligence Inc. uses the PuzzleFlow technology.


Apple computers are everyday work tools of many graphic designers and design engineers. High quality, care for detail and excellent OS/X system make this hardware highly appreciated among professionals.  We supply hardware, configure and enable cooperation of Apple hardware with other infrastructure elements for companies in the area of publishing houses, press, advertising agencies, architecture design offices and education.